Call for PhD Award 2014 Nominations

Call for PhD award 2014 nominations

The next EFCE Excellence Award for Outstanding PhD Thesis on CAPE will be decided and presented at ESCAPE'24, in 2014, Budapest, Hungary, 15 to 18 June 2014.

PhD theses defended after 1 January 2011 may be nominated, The deadline for nomination is 31/12/2013.

Here is a description how this award series operates and what are the rules & procedures governing nomination and selection of candidates.

The award will comprise
• A certificate
• A cash prize of 1500 Euros
• A travel grant (not exceeding 500 Euros) to attend the ESCAPE event where the award will be presented
The award will be presented
• At an ESCAPE-event during an even-numbered year (ie. 2006, 2008, etc), in plenary session

• The next EFCE Excellence Award in Recognition of an Outstanding PhD Thesis on CAPE will be presented at ESCAPE'24 in 2014 to be held in Budapest, Hungary, from 15 to 18 June 2014.

PhD theses defended after 1 January 2011 may be nominated for evaluation (3 calendar years before the submission deadline). The closing date for nominations is 31 December 2013.

• Any PhD supervisor at a PhD-awarding institution in an EFCE member country may make one nomination (any subsequent nominations from the same supervisor will be rejected ) on behalf of a PhD student.
• The nominated PhD Thesis must address a topic relevant to the field of CAPE - Computer Aided Process Engineering, or or process systems engineering (PSE) the general scope of which is defined on the EFCE CAPE WP website ( ).

The nominated thesis must have been defended after 1 January 2011.
Nomination procedure, supporting documentation & closing date
Nominations should be submitted as PDF files via email to the "Excellence award committee"
( ).

Supporting documentation : nominations should be submitted as a single package and must contain the following information, clearly set out:
• Name, address and CV of nominee (PhD-student)
• Name of supervisor
• Name & address of institution & department
• PhD Thesis title
• Date work commenced and date PhD awarded and Thesis published (note that the Thesis must have been completed and published and the PhD degree examined and awarded)

• Three letters of recommendation (no more than two pages each), from the supervisor and two independent referees from different institutions (one of whom could be the national delegate to the EFCE CAPE WP), outlining the key contribution to CAPE research and/or practice and stating clearly why the Thesis is considered to be truly outstanding and thus deserving the Excellence Award.
• An extended abstract in English (maximum 10 pages) containing the following information: summary, problem addressed, state of the art, key innovations, applications/implementations/results, references.
• At least one (but no more than two) refereed publications in English (in either a journal or the proceedings of a well- established conference series), with the candidate as first-named and primary author.
• Upon request: A copy of the Thesis, as published (this will be returned after the evaluation is completed, on request)
Note that all of the above documentation must be submitted together as a complete package. Except for the PhD Thesis, all other documents should be submitted electronically. PhD Thesis should be sent only when requested. Nominations which do not conform to these requirements will not be considered .

• Deadline : nominations must be submitted by the supervisor to reach the PhD Award Committee, without fail, no later than December 31-st 2013
• Late nominations will be not be considered .

• The winning candidate, if any, will be informed no later than March 31st of the year in which the award will be presented.

Publication of selected work
• The successful candidate will be invited to make a plenary presentation at the ESCAPE event at which the award is presented.
• The successful candidate will be invited to prepare a paper for publication (based on the extended abstract) as a "guest paper" in Computers & Chemical Engineering .
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